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Sustainable Solutions

Dynamic Modifiers is dedicated to offering compounded polymers that can be formulated to replace traditional uses and applications of flame retardant, flexible PVC. For decades flame retardant, flexible PVC films, sheets, and profiles have been the dominant material of choice in both extruded profiles and technical textile constructions particularly in the commercial contract interior markets for decorative and functional building construction fabrics and automotive applications.

Now, Dynamic Modifiers has taken PAL, The Clean Plastic to a whole new level. If you are encountering Non-Halogen, Low Smoke (NHLS) flame retardant requirements then PAL VersaCHAR compounds rise to the challenge. With a custom tailored VersaCHAR compound in your tool kit, NHLS rigid parts or flexible films/extrusion coated fabrics are now possible that meet the highest levels of flame retardant performance often associated with the latest green building construction standards. Click here to Learn more about VersaCHAR: Learn more...
Sustainable building standards such as the United States Green Building Council LEED certification Learn More...

Dynamic Modifiers, recipient of an R&D 100 Award for the development of sustainable alternative to flexible PVC in contract interior fabrics.
PAL™... The Clean Plastic polymeric compounds are advanced fully custom engineered compositions used to replace flexible PVC in your technical textile and other non-textile applications. Easy to recycle, extremely low in toxicity of any kind, easy to process and a good approximation to the same functionality of flexible vinyl, PAL Compounds are the solution you have been looking for to flexible PVC. Also, learn more about PAL VersaCHAR, the non-halogen, low smoke solution that meets some of the most rigorous green building standards: click here to learn more, or explore the VersaCHAR website here.
We work closely with our customers to solve the challenges that can arise with traditional complex fabric and film constructions where multiple types of materials may have been used in the technical textile construction. A total systems approach with custom tailored solutions is utilized in providing sustainable options for our customers

Additives and Color Concentrates

Mono and multi-functional specialty additive concentrates that address the following property enhancements of the polymers in which they are used:

  • UV/AO Stabilization
  • Processing Aids
  • Antimicrobial Properties
  • Flame Retardant Properties
  • Release Properties
  • Handle and Tactile Properties
  • Surface Modification
  • Adhesion Enhancement, etc

Custom Color Solution

Dynamic Modifiers only uses fiber grade pigment dispersions in all of our custom color concentrates and therefore are appropriate in fiber, film and thicker gauge applications. Specialty pigment effects available upon request.

Additives for bioplastics

If you are working with bioplastic polymers such as PLA (Polylactic Acid) ask us about our latest advancements in sustainable flame retardant concentrates for these sustainable polymers

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Dynamic Modifiers is located in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia just minutes from the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in the Fulton Industrial area.

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Dynamic Modifiers, LLC
6105 Boat Rock Blvd, SW
Atlanta, GA 30336
Plant and Corporate Office: (404)-349-0900
Fax: (404)-349-6042


Dynamic Modifiers is a full-service specialty compounder focused on sustainable and other custom polyolefin compounds and concentrates.


We provide polymer processors with best of breed solutions enabling them to gain differentiated products.


We combine deep-research with customer's down stream integrated process requirements providing a range of multi-functional properties.


We target markets and customers where current materials are inadequate and/or have unmet needs.


We develop and supply novel materials that allow our customers' products to meet today's special needs and emerging requirements.


PAL ® the Clean Plastic Compounds when used in many commercial interior design applications are beneficial in several green building standards. In particular, PAL Compounds can earn USGBC LEED points due to its ease of recyclability and closing the material recycling loop.